How to become an ITmark Appraiser?

An ITmark Appraiser is a qualified consultant who has gone through a specific preparation to acquire the knowledge and skills to perform ITmark appraisals. ITmark Appraisers must work under the license of one ITmark accredited partner.

The process to become an ITmark Appraiser must be sponsored by one ITmark Accredited Partner. It involves the following steps:

  1. SELECTION. The candidate must fulfil some requisites demonstrating relevant knowledge and experience in software process improvement.
  2. CAPACITY BUILDING. The candidate first takes part in a complete ITmark course, covering the method, the models and the tool and then participates, at least, in an ITmark Appraisal as a team member
  3. OBSERVATION. The candidate is observed by an authorised ITmark Observer during the performance of at least one ITmark appraisal. The ITmark Observer reports on the observation and may recommend either the performance of subsequent observations or the authorisation as an ITmark Appraiser.

MAINTENANCE of the qualification by the ITmark Appraiser, requires that he/she performs a minimum number of activities related to Itmark each year.

A complete description of the steps to become an authorised ITmark Appraiser is contained in the document “ITmark Technology Transfer Guide”