ANALÍTICA, Colombia – ITmark Experience


On behalf of Analítica, I want to thank ESICenter-Sinertic / Tecnalia and MinTic, for the immense support given to our company in achieving the ITMark certification. First of all, I want to thank for the magnificent advice and support we received through your advisers in the months of preparation; their comments, recommendations, advice and ongoing support were definitive in the improvements implemented in the company in areas such as:
- Vision, mission and identification of ​​corporate values
- Process definition, standardization, management and measurement
- Processes, operations and decisions documentation and traceability
- Best practices in software development, support and services.
- Development of best practices in prevention and contingency management.
Also we want to thank for the report and the excellent audit work that we experienced in Analítica, which, due to the fact of being completely independent of the consulting, not only ratified the work done by the consultants but it also identified new areas of improvement in which we are working nowadays, in order to improve as a company and maintain for many years this certification, which fills us with joy and pride.
Another key element was the logistical support and ongoing monitoring in the work of coordination and tracking of our process, which I, as the company manager, consider definitive.
Finally, I can not finish without acknowledging the financial support of MinTic in this process that we consider the best and biggest government support received since our company was established 12 years ago. We believe that these initiatives really are the best support we can receive from our government and in our case, it has been absolutely a key in the company growth.