Genia Tecnología S.A.S Colombia – ITmark Experience


Genia Technology SAS had a highly satisfactory experience in the process of ITMark certification, highlighting the following aspects:
- The profile of the adviser and the auditor was ideal for his mastery in the subject and excellent interpersonal skills.
- The accompaniment and methodology proposed by the consultants allowed us to move forward in an organized way and achieve a full understanding of the subject.
- The feedback received in the first audit was key to continue to cover the outstanding implementing points.
- The tracking meetings were appropiate spaces to offer our view points and to expose and propose solutions to the difficulties we had on the availability of time and resources.
Additionally, we were able to demonstrate the following benefits for our organization:
- The knowledge acquired allowed strengthening the management processes of the company, both in the area of ​​business, as in the area of ​​development and information security.
- The company projects are being run in a very organized way, following standards of quality and showing a significant reduction of the problems presented before.
Example: In the area of ​​software development, the lack of clarity in defining the scope and customer requirements meant that in many cases we must assume a higher cost; the lack of a good monitoring and control meant a delay in the completion of projects; the lack of a system of consolidation of all events, communications and customer evidence, demanded a bigger effort from our resources to solve issues; because we did not have a risk management system, we did not have contingency plans; among others.
Currently we have a good system of information security that covers all the required standards.
- From a managerial and strategic perspective, all fronts were covered, and tools to continue monitoring were designed.
- By having a quality management system, the mentality of the company matured, while that of all employees; consecuently, thus relations with all third parties, both customers and suppliers, partners, and employees, are managed in an effective and organized way.
- We earned prestige among the guild of software development companies in the region.
- It allowed us to position as an international profile company, which translates into more confidence from our clients.
- It allowed us to gain an advantage over our domestic and international competitors.
- Given that the government is promoting calls and tenders where it is required to have this certification, we have a competitive advantage in our favor.
- International certification ITMark leaves us one step away from getting the certificate Brand TI Colombia, promoted by Pro Colombia .
- This is an important step in the direction of getting other quality certifications.
- This certification will be reflected in an increase in the revenues and profitability of our projects.
Currently, we are implementing an internationalization plan helped by Pro Colombia and MINTIC , the ITMark certification is a seal of trust and credibility to get in in other markets.
We are confident that these efforts will positively impact our region and country since they result in more and better quality jobs, build social fabric and invigorate the economy. We are grateful for these government initiatives and we strongly recommend them to continue implementing them in the sector.