BIS@ Corporation – Services Certification


Within the framework of the processes carried out by the MINISTRY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES AND COMMUNICATIONS and COLCIENCIAS, whose objective is to potentiate the skills of small and medium-sized companies in the ICT sector in Colombia; BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SOFTWARE ASSESOR CORPORATION LTDA – acronym: BISA CORPORATION LTDA, was the beneficiary of financing to obtain the ITMARK certification; for this purpose, the MINISTRY assigned the TECNALIA company to carry out the consultancy and certification process.

The consultancy process was largely satisfactory, as the consultants are professionals with high personal and professional quality accompanied by BISA CORPORATION LTDA, guaranteeing ITMARK certification, and of course a series of benefits, among which are:
1. Design of processes that ensure the sustainability of the organization in terms of business and information security to ensure continuity and growth of the company.
2. Improvement in the internal structure of human resources
3. Adopt best practices for the software development process
4. Recognition and expansion in the market
5. Inclusion in bidding processes as bidders through benefits in evaluation criteria

In general terms, the ITMARK consultancy and certification process constitutes the foundations of the process of continuous improvement, sustainability, growth and recognition by our clients.