Frotcom International joins ITMARK certified, world class IT based companies


The ITMARK certification attests the quality of Frotcom’s systems development and architecture processes.

Frotcom International, dedicated to the development and commercialization of intelligent fleet management solutions, has obtained ITMARK certification, focused on optimizing business processes, software engineering, systems and services, and security management.

With this certification, awarded by Tecnalia and accompanied by Strongstep consultancy, FROTCOM is now included in the restricted core of worldwide software houses that have certified their architecture and software development processes through good practices based on methodologies agile (in the case of Frotcom is used Scrum).

Pedro Castro Henriques, CEO of Strongstep, said: “This joint challenge at FROTCOM has achieved a good combination between ITMARK and Scrum, which has resulted in significant improvements in the development of its product and services that are more robust, innovative and capable of competing in markets highly competitive global markets.”

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Valério Marques, CEO of Frotcom International pointed out that “Today, we can say that processes development are more clearly planned and documented and that information security has increased. This improvement is the result of the use of advanced frameworks and is proven by the industry, allowing a greater quality and speed in the processes of development of our solutions, with very clear reflections in the improvement of the products that we make available to the market.”

FROTCOM uses an agile methodology that favors the development of new functionalities in short cycles, privileging the delivery of value to partners and clients, with the assumption of a continuous evolution until the complete functional adaptation of the solution to the demands of the market.